About The Event

How should we to respond to the government's white paper "Liberating the NHS"? What impact will the changes have on patient care? How will the transfer to GP Commissioning be managed? How can we improve efficiencies as belts are tightened?

"Doing More With Less" is a one day conference for senior leaders in the NHS and independent healthcare sector who will explore these themes, focusing on the changing landscape of the NHS in the context of falling budgets.

Contributors will be from the Department of Health, the NHS Institute as well as from independent and NHS providers:
  • Learn from the Chief Executive of the AQuA how proposed changes to the NHS will affect you and your organisation.
  • Assess the impact of GP commissioning on NHS.
  • Discover how to cut costs while improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Hear case studies where clinically driven improvements have saved millions per hospital per annum.
  • Understand how to engage staff in the process improvements integral to delivering quality healthcare.
  • Network with NHS and independent managers facing similar pressures.
Afternoon workshops will allow in-depth discussion of many of the topics covered in the morning.

The conference is organised by Dr D J Brown, a practising NHS clinician, author and leadership expert in conjunction with Burkeway Medical Marketing.

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Stephen O'Brien CBE

Stephen O'Brien CBE
The reality behind the cuts: the challenge of improving efficiency in the NHS.
Watch the video

Dr Jess Boyer MD

Dr Jess Boyer MD
How to improve acute hospital length of stay and reduce hospital readmission rates through creating consistent discharge planning processes and using information to drive ongoing improvements. Watch the video

Rachael Magnani

Rachael Magnani
The innovative approach used by Circle to engage clinicians in the management of the facility and how this has led to cost savings as well as both clinical and financial performance improvement. Watch the video

Sheena MacCormick

Sheena MacCormick
The use of staff survey data in more detail. Watch the video


David Fillingham, CEO AQUA
The Changing Landscape of the NHS

David Fillingham will discuss the impact of NHS reconfiguration: how the boundaries between institutions are changing and what this will mean for managers, leaders and clinicians. David was previously CEO of the NHS Institute for Innovation and is currently CEO of the North West SHA's Quality Alliance.

Byron Woodmansee, Partnership Director, Circle Healthcare
Weathering the Storm: How to Bring Your People With You

How will your staff weather the changes confronting the NHS? Byron Woodmansee will explain how to develop and retain the motivation and enthusiasm of staff in the face of change. Byron is Partnership Director of Circle Healthcare - widely viewed as the "John Lewis" of the Healthcare Industry.

Mark Jarman-Howe, Programme director, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Delivering Improved Efficiency: “The Perfect Ward”

Amidst the latest round of NHS reconfiguration budgetary constraints remain a pressing issue. With the NHS budget coming under increasing strain in the foreseeable future, how can we deliver better patient outcomes and better service under the constraints of falling budgets? Mark Jarman-Howe shares how Cambridge University Hospitals have delivered more for less throughout the Trust by implementing the 'Effective Workforce Programme’.

Andrew Murphy, Director, Kingsgate Interim Management
Turnaround in the NHS

Despite being partially shielded from the full austerity targets, the financial challenge for the NHS remains significant, particularly given the structural change agenda. Andrew Murphy outlines a no-nonsense, delivery focused approach that can apply discipline to financial turnaround in the NHS.

David Griffiths, Commissioning Support for London
New Look Commissioning: How GP Commissioning Will Change the NHS

How will GPs manage to deliver high standards of patient care whilst taking on their new role as budget holders for the NHS? Do GPs have the necessary skills and how can they acquire them quickly? What will happen to PCTs and SHAs? Is GP Commissioning simply GP Fundholding revisited, or will it be different this time? With experience in CSL - giving support to PCTs, Dr David Griffiths, who is also a practicing GP in Oxford, will give his view of the changes being brought about by the new government.


Dr Jess Boyer, Medical Director of RealTime Health
Reducing Length of Stay

It is estimated that each trust in the UK could save several million pounds a year, just by successfully reducing the unnecessary length of stay. Jess Boyer brings 25 years of experience of doing just that in the USA. He will demonstrate, using live examples, how ALOS can be reduced by between 10% and 20% in a year.

Dr Carolyne Haynes, Former Non-Exec, St Richards, Chichester
The Role of the Non-Executive Director

The increasing importance of the Non-Exec in the governance of NHS trusts makes this role increasingly complex. Dr Carolyne Haynes will bring her several years of experience as a Non-Exec to this workshop, which is designed specifically to help Non-Execs understand how they can improve patient care and maintain quality and governance.

Dr D J Brown, Emergency Physician, Homerton Hospital
Creating Clinical Leaders Using the CAREFUL Approach

Clinical leadership is becoming more important to the delivery of quality of care and governance and the NHS is now putting more and more emphasis on clinicians to deliver improvements. Dr Brown explores how clinicians can make the grade by approaching change management in a simple and systematic way.
Who should attend:
  • NHS Board Level Executives
  • Independent Sector Board Level Executives
  • ISTC Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • Directors of Nursing
  • HR / OD Managers
  • Transformation Directors
  • Chairs and Non Execs of NHS Trusts
  • PCT Commissioners
  • PCT Providers
  • Finance Officers & COOs
  • GP Group Practice Managers
Due to space restrictions, the number of delegates to this event is limited to 35. Please use our registration page to assure your place.